Best Friend Getting Married? 4 CBD Flower Gifts To Include In Their Gift Basket

If your best friend is getting married, and you want to get them started out right, give them the gift of CBD-infused items. Pre-wedding gifts don't have to be basic. You can take your pre-wedding gift to the next level by creating a basket filled with CBD flower-infused gift items that your best friend will love and appreciate. Here are just four of the items you should include in your gift basket.

1. Topical Body Oil

Planning a wedding is hard work. By the time the big day arrives, stress levels can make it impossible to enjoy the festivities. If your best friend has reached maximum stress levels before their wedding, make sure their gift basket includes CBD-infused body oil. This body oil helps to soothe and nourish tired skin, while providing the stress-relieving benefits of CBD flowers and other natural ingredients such as ginger and eucalyptus. Your best friend can rub it into their skin by themselves, or use it as part of a pre-wedding massage.

2. Facial Serum

If your best friend has been running around outside all day, trying to take care of the last-minute touches for their wedding, their face is going to feel tired and rough. That's where CBD flower-infused facial serum comes in handy. This facial serum is completely natural and infused with CBD flower. This CBD facial serum will rejuvenate your friends face and leave them looking vibrant for their big day. Best of all, they can use this serum every day to give their skin the boost it needs.

3. Bath Bombs

At the end of a busy day of wedding planning, there's nothing better than soaking in a hot tub. To make sure your best friend can relax and unwind in a hot tub, give them CBD flower bath bombs. These bath bombs provide the relaxing relief of CBD flowers and can be infused with chamomile and lavender for an even better pre-wedding experience. A CBD bath bomb is particularly beneficial when pre-wedding stress is preventing your best friend from getting a good nights' sleep.

4. Cocktail Mix

If your best friend is ready to unwind with an adult beverage before retiring for the evening, make sure their gift basket contains at least one CBD flower cocktail mix. Cocktails mixes infused with low-doses of CBD flower provide the perfect late-night drink. Best of all, your friend will be able to use any of their favorite alcohol to make it a truly unique experience.

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