3 Things That Can Be Achieved with Dermal Fillers

Years ago, being unhappy with certain features of your face and body meant wearing more makeup, doing facial exercises, or seeking serious surgery. However, thanks to the evolution of modern plastic surgery, there are a lot of things you can change about how you look, and some of the procedures required to do so are not all that scary. Dermal fillers are the perfect example of a plastic surgery treatment that can be done that is not all that invasive and that can yield more than satisfactory results. Take a look at some of the things that can be changed with dermal filler treatments. 

Change the shape of your lips

Maybe your lips are thin and lack definition, or perhaps you prefer lips that look more pouty and full. If you are unhappy with the fullness of your lips, dermal fillers can be used to help you achieve that desired fullness. The fillers are injected right into the lips to enhance their volume and make them a more defined part of your face. The treatment is pretty straightforward and requires minimal recovery time, which means you can have your lips enhanced right in the doctor's office, hang out for a while at home, and then show off your new pout to the rest of the world. 

Decrease lower eyelid sagging and shadowing

The skin around your eyes is delicate, and as you age, you may notice that your lower eyelids are sagging, which can cause undesirable shadowing that makes it look like you always have dark circles under your eyes. Using small amounts of dermal fillers can help rejuvenate the sagging skin so it is more full and less droopy. Even though facelifts have long been the go-to method in plastic surgery to help achieve this result, dermal fillers are much less intrusive and can encourage similar results. 

Soften bothersome creases in your face

Creases can naturally develop on your face in certain areas. For example, a lot of people develop deep creases just over their nose that show up most when they smile or squint, and some people develop deep frown or smile lines around their mouth. Dermal fillers can be injected into these areas in small amounts to lower the depth of these creases and make them less visible overall. Likewise, the fillers can also be used to raise deep-set scars, lines, or wrinkles in some areas of the face.