3 Reasons To Hire A Personal Care Specialist For Your Loved One With Dementia

Having someone close to you diagnosed with dementia is devastating. If you are like most families, you're only priority now is making sure your loved one can remain as comfortable as possible as they deteriorate. That said, providing care for dementia can be taxing on the caregiver and you might feel like you need a break yourself every once in a while. That's why it might be a good idea to hire a professional who offers personal care services. Here are three ways that a care giving professional can help you and your loved one during this trying time.

Emotional Support for Both of You

Do you feel like it's just you and your loved one against the world? If you don't have other family members or friends who are willing to provide support and assistance, it can get awfully lonely as a caregiver, especially if your loved one can't really talk to you anymore. Having an in-home professional around will provide you with someone you can vent to as needed. He or she can also provide emotional support for your loved one if you ever need to take a break and step out.

Household Help

Certain personal care professionals can do more than just offer medical help. Taking care of a loved one full-time is hard work and you might not have much energy left for certain daily tasks. A personal care professional may be able to cook meals for you and your loved one or help your loved one take a bath. He or she could even run to the grocery store for you or stay with your loved one while you do the same. Hire the right personal care pro and you'll be getting someone who can assist you and your loved in all aspects of your life at home.

The Full-Time Option

While many people prefer to do most of the care giving themselves and only use a personal care pro for extra help, there may come a point where you simply need to take your life back. Maybe your job won't let you take another sabbatical or you've run out of vacation time to use while caring for your loved one. In this case, you could consider hiring a personal care professional to live with your loved one full-time. He or she could be there from say, 8 to 5 during the day while you are at work and you can head to your job with the peace of mind of knowing that everything is OK at home.

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