Is A Pinched Nerve Causing Your Foot Pain?

When you experience pain in a specific part of your body, you likely examine that area for the source of the pain. However, if your feet are causing you problems and you can't find anything wrong with them, it's possible that the pain could be coming from a pinched nerve. Here's what you need to know about pinched nerves and how they can be a pain for your feet.

How Nerves Work

Nerves are like highways for information being sent between your brain and every part of your body. Electrical impulses travel through the nerves, sending signals to do everything from inhaling to tensing a muscle to letting you know that there's a problem with a part of your body by causing pain. When nerves are healthy, they send these signals flawlessly and your body works as it should with little to no pain. However, if a nerve becomes pinched, these signals can be interrupted, altered, or misconstrued by the body and brain.

What a Pinch Feels Like

Pinched nerves feel different depending on the area the pinch is in and the part of your body that's affected. However, most nerve pain is described as burning, sharp, or like an electric shock. The pain may be constant, or come and go seemingly on its own. In most cases, massage and hot or cold therapy applied directly to the area that hurts don't offer much relief. If a pinched nerve is to blame, it's necessary to find the source of the pinch and relieve it in order to stop the pain.

What To Do

If you suspect that a pinched nerve is responsible for your pain, it's time to visit a doctor. Your doctor will listen to your symptoms and then perform a physical examination to determine if there's damage to your feet that's causing you pain. X-rays or other scans may be performed in order to view your nerves to see if any of them are pinched or damaged.

If a pinch is discovered, your doctor will work with you to ease that pinch. Depending on the severity and location, the solution may be as simple as regular stretching exercises to free the nerve, or surgery may be required to take the pressure off the nerve. In either case, once the pinch is discovered, you will be on the path to recovery.

Pinched nerves can cause severe pain even if there's nothing wrong with the area that hurts. Talk to a doctor at a medical facility like Foot & Ankle Care Center PA today if your feet hurt and you can't seem to find a cause for it.