Some Things You Should Know About Regulatory Affairs

Something you may not know is that every time a pharmaceutical goes on the market, there have been years and years of research behind it, as well as strict laws and ethics that have been followed to get it there. The reason the process is so difficult and strict is that the government is trying to protect you, the consumer, from dangerous substances and practices. Not that the pharmaceutical companies are meaning to harm people, quite the opposite, but if the product isn't tested well enough, it can be dangerous. One important part of this process is regulatory affairs. Here are some things you should know about it:

What Does Regulatory Affairs Mean?

Regulatory affairs (RA) is the industry within the pharmaceutical company that must comply with the government sanctions and rules before they can put anything on the market. There are certain departments within the company, or they can hire out a third party, that comes in and looks at many different factors about the new drug to make sure that it complies with the laws. They look at how it will impact the environment, people in general if the drug was tested safely and ethically and so forth. If it is determined that it does not comply with the laws put in place, the drug will not be able to be on the market, even if it is a good product. This is why it is so important that companies have people constantly supervising the process of testing and production to make sure that it complies with RA.

What Products Need To Go Through RA?

When many people think of products that need to go through RA they think first of pharmaceuticals, and of course drugs would be on the top of the list. But there are other products that also need to go through the process. For instance, all medical equipment and devices. Some of these go through pharmaceutical companies, and others come through a company completely unrelated to drug production. It also is important for cosmetics, makeup, hair products, and even pet products to be put through a serious vetting process before they hit the market.

Lastly, holistic medicines and supplements usually go through RA. The process for these products is much less strict, which is why you need to be educated about supplements before you consume any and make sure that they have gone through an RA process.

By knowing these things, you can better understand what RA is. Contact local regulatory affair services for more information and assistance.