Ways To Create A Pleasant Ambiance For Chair Massages At Your Workplace

If you manage a company, one way to keep your workforce happy and healthy is to have a couple massage therapists visit your workplace to offer massages. For this scenario, chair massages are common — instead of employees have to partially disrobe for a traditional massage on a table, they can remain clothed and sit on the massage chair for their treatment. It's ideal to turn one of your rooms into a temporary massage clinic for this occasion. The effort you go to in advance can make what might otherwise be a meeting room into a relaxing environment. Here are some ways to create this pleasant ambiance.

Install A Dimmer Switch

Bright overhead lights aren't ideal during a massage, as they won't allow for your employees to relax as deeply as they might like. Having the lights turned off isn't really an option, either. One way to get around this issue is to install a dimmer switch to control the lights in the room in which the chair massages will be taking place. If you run a small business, you can likely do this work yourself or have a knowledgeable friend take care of it for you. If you have a larger business and you lease the building, you may need to apply in advance to have a maintenance worker perform the task. Either way, dimming the lights will allow for a pleasant environment.

Relocate Work Items

No one wants to have a chair massage in front of a spreadsheet posted on the wall that reminds him or her of the company's financial goals for the fiscal quarter. In order to make the massage room better for people to relax in, try to relocate work-related items. Or, at least group them in one part of the room away from where the massage chairs will be set up. You might even wish to temporarily decorate the room in a relaxing manner — or ask the therapists to bring some decorative items that will turn the workplace room into a spa-like environment.

Schedule The Massage Day Carefully

The time at which you schedule the massage day for your employees can also contribute to more relaxation. Having this event occur in the afternoon is ideal, as people will be able to go home afterward. Few people might want a morning massage while knowing that they need to make a presentation just a couple hours after the treatment. Even planning to have the event on a Friday may have your staff in more of a relaxed mood.