2 Signs That a Woman May Need to Visit the Urologist

One thing that often seems to go south as women get older is their ability to control their bladder. The main reason for this is generally child birth because it can really stretch out and weaken the muscles in the pelvic area. It also may cause organs to move around, which can cause unnecessary pressure on the bladder. This article will discuss two signs that a woman may need to visit the urologist. 

Uncontrollable Leakage

One sure sign that you should visit the urologist is when you have uncontrollable bladder leakage. You may notice that your bladder leaks whenever you feel that you need to go to the restroom, when you jump up and down, when you cough or laugh, or simply at random times when you don't even expect it. You may also have to wear a pad or panty liner all of the time to stop the leakage from soiling your clothes. A urologist can let you know what your options are to improve this issue. Some of the solutions may involve strength training exercises for your pelvic area. However, if your case is severe enough that these exercises aren't going to be effective for you, the doctor may recommend that you have surgery to repair this area and tighten everything up so that leakage no longer occurs. 

Feeling the Need to Pee Often 

Another sign that you may want to make an appointment with your urologist is if you feel that you need to pee all of the time, but very little pee comes out. This can be incredibly frustrating for you because you are always running to the bathroom to only release the tiniest amounts of urine. Also, to avoid needing to use the restroom so much, you likely avoid drinking the amount of water that you should each day. A urologist like those at Advanced Urology Associates will examine your bladder muscles, as well as the organs and other things surrounding your bladder, via an ultrasound or other technology. This is going to allow them to see if the issue is purely due to a weak bladder or if the organs are causing unnecessary pressure on your bladder and making it feel full when it is not. If this is the case, then surgery may need to be done to help fix the placement of the bladder and other organs so that this pressure is removed.