3 Important Services An Urgent Care Center Can Give Your Child

Perhaps your children are rarely sick, and they might have never had an injury. It is still a good idea to know what you can do if the unfortunate ever occurs. Many parents rush to take their children to emergency rooms or their pediatricians when sickness or injuries happen. Circumstances that are not life-threatening do not always warrant a trip to the ER, and sometimes inconveniences can happen outside of the pediatricians' office hours. This can make some parents panic, but urgent care can be used as an alternative for some pediatric services as well as ER treatment. 

Respiratory Illness and Allergies

When your child starts to show signs of getting sick, it can be distressing. Taking them to the emergency room can mean a long wait. It is also likely that they will provide the same service and a similar recommendation as an urgent care center. Depending on what your co-pay is, you might also be shocked at what you end up paying for a trip to the ER. Urgent care services are comparable to the emergency rooms with the benefit of short wait times and affordable billing. If the professionals in urgent care encounter a situation they cannot treat or one that should be handled by the ER, they will inform you while keeping your child's safety a primary concern.

Preventative Care

You do not have to view your local urgent care center as only a place for your child to go when they are sick or hurt. These centers can also aid you in preventing illness. For example, many urgent care centers administer flu shots. If your child is busy with extracurricular activities, it can be difficult to schedule a doctor's appointment for a flu shot due to school and other requirements. You can visit an urgent care center as long as they are open for business and request this service. This means that you could possibly get the service performed at a less busy time such as a Sunday afternoon.

Sports Physicals

If your child plays sports, they will likely need a different physical performed than their annual health check-up. Some insurance companies do not cover these specialty physicals. It is also possible that your child's doctor might have a tight schedule and not be able to perform the physical. Urgent care centers can perform these physicals.

For more information, talk to a doctor in your area.