Looking For A New Exercise To Lose Weight? Try Boxing

The suggestion of boxing as an effective exercise for losing weight shouldn't conjure up images of a black eye and a bleeding lip. If you're looking for a new way to burn calories in your effort to lose weight, boxing is ideal — and you'll never have to get into the ring and square off against an opponent. Many gyms and boxing clubs in your city run programs for people who are looking to use the "sweet science" as as tool for weight loss but who have no aspirations of competing. Here's what you can expect to experience upon signing up for a boxing program for weight loss.

A Challenging Warm-Up

The warm-up period for some activities is pretty mild, but you'll certainly be challenged in a boxing workout warm-up. This collection of exercises can help you burn calories to lose weight in its own right. Things such as jumping rope, high-intensity interval training, jumping jacks, push-ups and sit-ups can all play a pivotal role in your effort to lose weight. Jumping rope and jumping jacks are examples of up-tempo cardiovascular activities that provide a heightened calorie burn, while body-weight exercises such as push-ups and sit-ups are an effective way to boost your muscle mass, which helps to increase your metabolism so that your body burns calories quicker.

The Workout Itself

It's exciting to wrap your hands, strap on some boxing gloves and hit the heavy bag. While your trainers will show you the proper techniques to employ, they won't bog you down with fundamentals when you're simply practicing boxing to lose weight. Hitting the heavy bag is essentially a full-body workout. While your upper body is moving as you throw your punches, you're also moving around the bag by moving your feet, which contributes to a significant calorie burn. A common pattern for hitting the heavy bag is three minutes of work, followed by one minute of rest. As you get more accustomed to this workout, you'll be able to do more rounds.

Road Work

No boxing workout regimen is complete without road work, which is the boxing community's way of saying "running." Boxers use road work to increase their cardiovascular capacity, and while you'll notice that your road work is helping you get less winded when you're working the heavy bag, you also can't deny the calories you're burning that can contribute to weight loss. Many boxing programs have specific road work groups so that you won't have to run alone, which is ideal for giving you extra motivation to get moving.

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