Adjusting To Your New Bifocals

Bifocals can make it much easier for those who have issues with both near and far vision to see. However, these glasses can also be difficult to get used to. When you are prescribed bifocals, you must wear them as soon as possible. You may feel like you have not adjusted to them yet, but if you do not wear them soon, it will take longer for you to adjust. During the initial period where you break your glasses in, make sure to sit down. There are also other things you can do to make sure that you adjust to your bifocals.

Avoid The Image Jump

One of the common problems that some patients suffer from is the image jump. This is when the eyes move from the distance portion of the bifocals to the magnification portion, which can be disorienting. You will need to make lifestyle changes to adjust to this. Also, bifocals can lead to changes in your peripheral vision. However, you will begin to not notice this after wearing your glasses for awhile.

Tilt Your Head

You will need to train your head to tilt in in order to see through your bifocals. For example, you will need to tilt your head to be able to see when reading. This will mean that you will need to tilt your head somewhat higher when using bifocals.

Read The Newspaper Differently

Reading a newspaper can be difficult. You should move the newspaper up and down rather than moving your head. If you find it difficult to read the newspaper, you might want to fold the newspaper into smaller sections, which will make it easier to read the newspaper.

Use The Right Portion Of Your Glasses

When you look at objects that are far away, make sure that you are not looking at them out of the bottom portion of your bifocals. It may be difficult to walk up and down stairs safely until you have adjusted.

Have Your Glasses Adjusted

Make sure that your bifocals are adjusted by a professional to make sure that your glasses sit correctly on your face.

The good news is that if you make regular efforts to adjust to your bifocals, the effects of wearing them will only last a few days. Eventually, you will learn to tilt your head where you want to look rather than moving your eyes, which can create disorientation. For more information about adjusting to bifocals, visit a clinic like All About Eyes.