Can 3D Imaging Improve Your Plastic Surgery? What You Need To Know

If you're considering plastic surgery and researching options in your area, you probably have seen references to 3D imaging. But what does 3D imaging have to do with surgery? Take a look at what you need to know about how 3D imaging is used in plastic surgery, how it works, and how it might help you make the best decisions for your cosmetic surgery.

How is 3D Imaging Used?

3D imaging allows the surgeon to show you an image of what you might look like if you choose to go ahead with the surgery. It can be used for all types of plastic surgeries, from breast implants to nose jobs. Because you may have the choice of several different techniques or materials, 3D imaging can be used to show you the difference in outcome between your various options.

How Does It Work?

For the patient, 3D imaging is fairly simple. You'll start with pictures – the doctor's office will use a camera or body scanner to get pictures of your body or face from a variety of angles, in order to form a 3D image. These pictures will be uploaded to a computer. Then the surgeon can use a special simulation software to show you the possible outcomes of any procedures you're considering.

This allows you the ability to experiment. If you think you want to make a change, but aren't sure what you would like to change, you can see the results of several different procedures. You can also experiment with different options. It can also help in a diagnostic sense – for example, if your breasts are different sizes, your doctor will be able to see more easily on the computer and advise you accordingly.

How Does it Help?

Sometimes, people who are interested in plastic surgery ultimately decide against it because they can't be sure of what they'll look like following the surgery. While no surgeon can guarantee that you'll look exactly like a computer-generated images, you can safely assume that your results will closely resemble the 3D results you see on the screen. This gives you a visual image you can work with, which can help you decide if plastic surgery is really right for you.

It also helps ensure that you and your doctor are on the same page. Because you're able to point to a visual image, you won't go into the procedure with unrealistic expectations of what surgery can accomplish, and your doctor won't have any misunderstandings about what you're looking for.

3D imaging is a tool that can help ensure that you get the results you're looking for and that you're satisfied with your look post-surgery. If you're unsure about having cosmetic surgery, a doctor that offers 3D imaging, such as Plastic Surgery Innovation PC, is in a great position to help you make the right decision.