About Foot Pain From Plantar Fasciitis

Foot pain is nothing that is unusual when you walk around a lot throughout each day. However, if your feet are always in pain even when you are not walking around much, it can mean that you have a medical condition known as plantar fasciitis that requires treatment by a specialist before the pain will go away. This article explains plantar fasciitis to give you a general idea about how it causes pain and how treatment is done by a podiatrist.

Too Much Strain On the Plantar Fascia

When plantar fasciitis is the root cause of foot pain, it is due to there being an excessive amount of strain being placed in the plantar fascia of your feet. The plantar fascia covers a large portion of the bottom of your feet that stretches between the area of your heel and right beneath your toes. There is no way around putting strain on the plantar fascia of your feet when you have to walk around each day, but the problem stems from you overdoing it. Excessive strain causes the plantar fascia to become inflamed and painful to cope with.

The Problem Can Become Worse

If you don't make sure your feet are examined by a podiatrist for plantar fasciitis as soon as possible, you will be dealing with much more than pain. One of the other symptoms that you might experience is mild to severe swelling. The swelling can become bad enough to interfere with how well you are able to wear your shoes. A severe case of plantar fasciitis can lead to feet getting too weak to walk on. Getting treated by a podiatrist while you are only having mild symptoms will be the easiest stage for a podiatrist to successfully treat.

The Treatment Method Used Depends On Severity

One of the simplest forms of treatment used for treating plantar fasciitis pain is through wearing orthotics. A podiatrist might even recommend that you get some customized for your feet. Orthotics are great when you only have a mild case of the condition that requires less strain being put on the bottom of your feet for the pain to subside. Other types of treatment for plantar fasciitis might include:

  • Undergoing surgery
  • Wearing a night splint
  • Taking inflammatory drugs

A podiatrist can recommend a single form of treatment, but you might need more than one form if the condition is severe enough. Speak to a podiatrist such as one from West Central Podiatry Consultants about the pain in your feet to see what kind of treatment you need.