Common Foot Conditions That A Visit To The Podiatrist Can Help

Foot pain, itchiness or irritation can cause discomfort with every step you take, which can make standing up at work or taking a quick trip to the supermarket extremely uncomfortable. Relief, however, can often come in the form of your local podiatrist. This foot expert is your go-to person for all foot-related matters and just one visit can often be enough to reduce or completely eliminate the symptoms of the issue that have been making your life miserable. If you've been dealing with any of the following three issues with your feet, it's time to make tracks to your local podiatrist's office.


Corns, which are hard callouses and areas of dead skin around your foot, can make you self-conscious when you're at the swimming pool or beach. This problem, however, is more than skin deep. Corns can be extremely painful as they rub on your shoes while you walk. Don't let your embarrassment keep you in pain -- your podiatrist is the right health professional to treat this foot issue. He or she will assess the reason that you've developed the corns and then provide suggestions on how to eliminate them. Because they're related to friction, the simple solution is to often buy footwear that better suits your feet. The podiatrist will inspect the shapes of your feet and inform you of how to buy shoes that won't cause problems.

Plantar Warts

Plantar warts are a type of virus that can appear on the soles of your feet or around your toes. They can take several shapes and sizes, and can often make it painful to walk. The podiatrist will be able to take steps to eliminate this virus through the use of topical treatments. He or she will also talk to you about the changes you can make to reduce the growth of your warts. For example, plantar warts often thrive in a moist environment, but by changing your socks if your feet are sweaty, you'll keep the area around the warts dry.

Toenail Fungus

If you've noticed fungus around one or more toenails, you might also be dealing with itchiness, pain or other irritating symptoms. A podiatrist will recommend the right topical ointment to combat the fungus and then also suggest a variety of changes that you can make to keep your feet free of this issue. This list can include replacing any old shoes, as they might contain the fungus and could recontaminate your feet upon use.