Can Wearing Corsets Help Women With Back Pain?

If you're struggling with chronic back pain, it might surprise you to know that a corset could be beneficial to your posture, as well as your pain levels. While many people think of corsets as an old-fashioned piece of fashion or fetish item, many women are beginning to embrace corsets again to help them with chronic back pain and to improve poor posture.


The main reason that corsets are beneficial to people with back pain is that they force your body into a normal, upright posture. Many people have poor posture due to using cellphones and computers, which tend to cause your neck to lean forward and your shoulders to hunch. Slumping in your chair can also put a lot of pressure on your lower back, which can lead to pain over time.

While you can manually correct your posture, breaking the poor posture habit can be difficult. If your muscles haven't been used to keep your body in a proper position for a long time, you may become sore or tired quickly. In addition, you may switch back to your normal position without thinking about it, since it's become a habit.

Corsets can help to improve your posture because once you're laced in, you can't slump or hunch forward. Avid corset wearers note that modern-day corsets are quite comfortable, and you don't need to squeeze yourself to death to get the benefits. Just making the corset comfortably snug should suffice.

Steel Vs Plastic

If you're thinking about buying a corset, make sure that you buy one with real steel boning. Many "fashion corsets" are inexpensive and attractive, but are made with plastic bones. The bones are what give the corset its shape and support your body while you're cinched in. Unfortunately, plastic bones don't give the same support as steel bones, and don't mold to your body the way steel bones do.

Underbust Vs Overbust

One consideration to think about is whether an overbust or underbust corset is right for you. Underbust corsets have a lot of versatility and can be worn over or under clothes easily, but they only support your back up to the top of your rib cage. If your shoulders hunch or you have an unwanted curve at the top of your spine, an overbust corset may be better, since it's taller. However, overbust corsets do limit flexibility and breathing more than underbust ones, and are fairly noticeable if you wear them under your clothes, so keep that in mind.

A corset can help to improve your posture, keep pressure off your neck and spine, and give you instant relief from the pain you're experiencing. However, corseting should always be discussed with a doctor before you start. Consider seeing a chiropractor, such as those at Chiropractor Plus, for a full consultation to make sure your body is ready to try corseting, and to make sure that everything is going well while you're getting accustomed to the corset.