3 Excellent Services Provided By A Children's Clinic

Most children's clinics treat youths from birth to 21 years of age. Their services greatly vary, which makes it easy for patients to get the help and the treatment that they need. This article will discuss three excellent services provided by a children's clinic. 

Lactation Consultants

For the new moms, lactation consulting is available. Both before and after you have had your baby, you can go in for lactation classes that will teach you all about breastfeeding. These classes will explain what to expect when your milk first comes in and how to use a breast pump. If you haven't yet had your baby, you will practice how to hold your child while breastfeeding using a doll. This will help you get a good idea of how to hold and properly nurse your baby, when he or she arrives. You can also attend the lactation courses when your baby is born, so that you and the lactation consultant can help your baby latch onto your nipples. 


If your child needs a health physical or a sports physical, the children's clinic can take care of it. The licensed pediatricians will be able to properly examine your child to make sure that they are growing and developing as they should be, and they can screen for any health issues that may be of concern. For a sports physical, your doctor will also be able to assess your child's muscles, joints, and bones to be sure that they are in the proper health to participate in any sport. You will then be able to get documentation from your doctor after the physical to give to your child's school, coach, etc. 


The children's clinic can also give your child a variety of shots. They can give your newborn their shots at each wellness child visit, and they can also give your child their shots before they attend kindergarten, middle school, etc. The nurses who give the shots are well trained when it comes to working with children, so they will be able to give the shots quickly and with as little pain as possible for your child. They also offer flu shots each year to help your children avoid getting the flu. Often, you won't need to schedule a visit to the clinic get a flu shot. Simply walk in and a nurse will give it to your child.

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