3 Medical Supplies You May Need While Recovering From Knee Replacement Surgery

Do you have a knee replacement surgery scheduled for some time in the near future? While your new knee will eventually help your mobility and reduce your pain, you may first have to go through a fairly long recovery. During your recovery period, you may have trouble walking, bending at the knees, and leaning over. That could make it difficult for you to complete basic tasks like using the restroom and getting dressed. Here are three important medical supplies that will make your recovery easier:

Tub chair and handheld showerhead. Standing in the shower will likely be impossible, especially right after your surgery. You also may have difficulty sitting in a tub if you have to bend at the knees. A good solution is a tub chair that allows you to sit in an elevated position in the shower. You'll also want a handheld shower sprayer so you can control the water from your seated position. That will allow you to get a thorough shower without moving too much. Finally, look for a chair that has a transfer bench that extends over the side of the tub. That way, you can simply slide across the bench to get out of the shower.

A raised toilet seat with grab bar. You may find that you can't lower yourself down far enough to sit on a normal toilet seat. If that's the case, you may want to get an elevated toilet seat. It sits on top of your normal seat, but acts like a booster so you don't have to lower yourself too far. Also, you may have trouble lifting yourself up from the seat. In that case, it's wise to temporarily install a grab bar on the wall next to the toilet. When you're ready to stand, you can grab the bar and pull yourself up without putting pressure on your knee.

Sock grabber and long-reach shoehorn. Believe it or not, one of the biggest challenges after knee surgery is putting on your shoes and socks. You need to sit with your knee bent to do it. Again, it will likely be difficult if not impossible for you to bend your knee for a long time after surgery. Instead, use a sock grabber and a shoehorn to do the job.

A sock grabber is like a giant set of tongs. You can keep your leg straight and use the grabber to pull socks onto your feet. Once you have your socks on you can use the shoehorn to get your feet into the shoe. The long-reach horn is just like a traditional shoehorn, but with an extra long handle.

For more information, visit a medical supply store. They can recommend all the supplies you'll need to make it through your recovery.