3 Signs That You Need To Take A Hearing Test

It can be hard to realize that your hearing is getting worse, but it's perfectly normal to suffer from some form of hearing loss as you get older. It's important to seek a hearing test as soon as possible, however; then, you can look into a hearing aid or another option to help you with these challenges in your day-to-day life. It can be tough to know if your hearing is getting worse, especially if the change is gradual, but these three signs can be an indication that it's time to have your hearing checked out.

1. Others Complain About the Volume of Your Television or Radio

If you play your television or radio at volumes that are comfortable for you and others complain, it could be due to hearing loss. Many people find themselves turning up their televisions, radios and other devices so that they can hear them without realizing that they are actually much louder than many find to be necessary. If your friends or family members complain about the volume of these devices or if you find others turning them down when they get the chance, you might need to have a hearing test done.

2. You Can't Hear Well on the Telephone

Many people find that they have trouble having telephone conversations before they notice issues with regular, in-person interactions. When you're talking to others in person, you probably do read their facial expressions and lip movements without even thinking about it. This obviously isn't possible on the phone, plus you may have to deal with echoing and other issues when using your telephone. If you are having an increasingly hard time hearing what others are saying when you're having telephone conversations, it's probably time to have a hearing test done, even if you haven't noticed any other hearing problems.

3. Conversations are Confusing in Public Places

If you can normally hear just fine but have trouble having conversations in public places or other loud situations, it could be a sign of hearing loss. For those who have trouble hearing well, the added sound of background noises can make it difficult to zero in on what others are saying.

In many cases, hearing loss is gradual. This means that you might not even realize just how poor your hearing has gotten over the years. If you have noticed any of these three signs, however, now is the time to schedule a hearing test. To learn more about hearing loss, visit Hearing Specialists of DuPage