How To Handle Your Child Getting Shots

No parent likes to see their child get a shot when they go to the pediatrician, even though childhood shots are a way of life. The way you handle your child getting their shots will dictate how well they do with regards to getting them. You want to set a good example and help your child stay calm, not be the reason they get more scared. The tips below will help you make the experience easier on both you and your child.

Don't leave the room

Some parents can't take watching their child get a shot and they opt to leave the room. Thinking about this from your child's perspective, how scared would you be when you see your parent need to leave the room? You want to reassure your child that it's no big deal and the first step in this is for you to actually stay with them.

Don't look away

Your child will be watching you for cues on how they should react and how scared they should be. If you look away with a cringe on your face then your child will see they have something to be worried about. You only have to make it look like you are watching, look in the same direction as the shot, but focus your sights on something nearby, such as the edge of the table, or your child's elbow. When your child sees you are so confident that you can watch the shot being administered, they will feel better.

Don't over-baby your child

If you start getting very patronizing and coddling your child more than normal, they will read this as you trying to make them feel better about a horrible experience that's about to happen to them. Instead, you want to reassure them in your normal voice while maintaining your composure.

Don't tell your child the shot won't hurt

If you tell your child the shot isn't going to hurt and it does, then it's going to be much harder for you to take them in for a shot in the future. Instead, you want to tell them that it's not going to feel too bad, or that it may feel like a little pinch. You can tell them the shot will be quick and it will be over before they know it, since these are true statements.

If you handle your child getting their shots the right way, your child will be brave the next time they need to get shots.