Reflexology For Stress Relief: What Is It And What You Should Expect

Alternative medicine is becoming very popular today, and reflexology is one of the options you can choose in this branch of medicine. This type of service is similar to massage therapy, except that it focuses only on the hands, feet, and ears. People use it for relief for many things, but finding stress relief is one of the most common reasons.

What It Involves

Just like massage therapy, reflexology involves massing techniques that are done in a way to alleviate pain and symptoms of problems you are having. According to the theory behind reflexology, every body part and system of the body is tied to areas in the feet, hands, and ears. By using the right massage techniques to these areas, you can experience relief from the problems you are having.

During the session, the therapist looks for areas that are sore and tight. These are the areas he or she will focus on because these areas are probably part of the problems you are having.

According to Positive Health Online, stress is caused by chemical reactions in the brain. These reactions cause changes in a person's central nervous system, and it can be hard for a person to find relief from these feelings. To find relief through reflexology, the therapist is likely to massage your:

  • Pituitary glands on hands and feet – these areas are linked to your brain, and massaging them can send signals to your brain that can alleviate feelings of anxiety and stress.
  • Adrenal glands on feet – on the balls of your feet are glands that are tied to your adrenal glands.

Most reflexology therapists use charts of the body to determine what areas to focus on.

What To Expect

Attending a session of reflexology can be very relaxing, and here are two things to expect:

  1. It may last between 30 to 60 minutes – most sessions take at least 30 minutes to complete, and you may need to go for 10 or more sessions to experience the best results.
  2. You may experience a lot of emotions – because the areas that are massaged are linked to all parts of your body, don't be surprised if you feel a lot of emotions during the session and afterwards. It is not uncommon for people to fall asleep during a treatment, or for people to laugh, cry, sigh, perspire, or feel light-headed.

Choosing alternative forms of medicine is a great way to find natural healing. You can do this to treat the stress in your life or for any other problem you have. To begin experiencing the rewards of reflexology, make an appointment with a clinic like A Private Place LLC.