Six Reasons For Seniors To Visit A Marriage Counselor

People are living longer and even remarrying later in life, leading to senior couples enjoying more years together. Along with this enjoyment may come some dysfunction or marital issues that can benefit from the guidance of a marriage counselor. Read on and see if you recognize any of the following situations.  If you do, a quick visit with a marriage counselor familiar with the issues seniors face may help clear the way to marital bliss.

Change in Household

Many couples are choosing to have children later in life, leading to the empty nest syndrome happening later and possibly coinciding with retirement. Suddenly you are without children and the distraction of a full time job. This can result in some serious together time that may be overwhelming at first.

Health Issues

Aging can bring with it unexpected health issues. If you have not had previous experience with serious health conditions and the onset of heart conditions, diabetes, or other serious health concerns can cause increased tension between spouses.    

Change in Libido

If you and your partner have always enjoyed an active sex life, a decrease in one partner's libido or interest can cause great relationship unrest. Even if the change in sexual activity is related to health issues or other causes beyond your partner's control you may feel resentful or rejected. 

Disagreements about Children

Even in later years, disagreements about your now adult children can cause issues in your relationship. In an age of boomerang kids, who return home (or never leave), often with their own children or spouse in tow, having clearly defined and agreed upon boundaries is important. 

Change in Income

The retirement years can bring a change in income. Even if you are still working part time, your income may not be what it once was.  Depending on retirement accounts and reduced wages can be stressful, especially if one partner is not on board with adjusting their spending habits. 

Mental Health Issues

The senior years often bring the joke of "senioritis," a casual way to refer to the forgetfulness that can accompany aging. While a bit of memory loss is expected as you age, more serious forms of dementia and Alzheimer's can cause the breakdown of otherwise healthy relationships. 

The crux of all these issues is communication. A lack of clear and consistent communication can cause issues in the healthiest of marriages. If you are finding it hard to communicate with your spouse, the support of an experienced marriage counselor, such as Malan Relationship Health, can open the doors to discussion and resolving existing issues.