More Than Just A Beautiful Smile: How Braces Improve Your Smile, Confidence, And Health

It is no secret that braces are one of the best ways to achieve a straight and beautiful smile. However, many people are unaware of the many other benefits that come with having the teeth and jaw properly aligned. Continue reading to discover how braces may produce healthier teeth, influence speech, and improve the digestive process.

Braces for Healthier Teeth

Straightening your teeth with braces has been proven to be much more than cosmetic; it is also healthier for your teeth. Because crooked teeth are harder to clean, it is easier for particles of food build up between the teeth. As these food particles continue to pile up, so does the plaque, increasing the potential for periodontal diseases such as gingivitis and gum recession.

Braces also play a significant role in maintaining healthy teeth through properly aligning the jaw. For example, a significant overbite may leave the upper front teeth more susceptible to fracture or injury and any faulty bite may lead to uneven wearing of the teeth and premature tooth loss.

Braces for Better Speech

Another benefit to braces is to improve speech. Teeth play a vital role in the way we pronounce word sounds. The lips and tongue use the teeth to create the narrow channels of air that are needed to produce the sounds of speech.  Fricative consonants such as S, N, SH, TH, D, CH and X are created when there is contact between the tongue and the teeth. Similarly, the lips and teeth collaborate to make the sound of an F and F.

When teeth are severely crooked or there are gaps between the teeth, proper articulation becomes more difficult and speech problems such as lisps and whistles may arise.

Braces for Better Digestion

Straighter teeth also have a positive impact on digestion. There are four main types of teeth in the human mouth. Each type of tooth needs to be in its precise position in the mouth to fully carry out its specific function in preparing food for the journey down the digestive system. The incisors are the sharp, square shaped teeth located in the front of the mouth.

Their primary role is to bite into food. Similarly, the sharp canines are also used to bite and tear. Next the food moves further back in the mouth to the large and flat bicuspids and molars. These teeth mash and grind food until it is ready to be swallowed. If you want to know more, contact a company like Boland Orthodontics with any questions or concerns you might have.