An Elite Club: Famous People Who Have Used A Cane

If your doctor is recommending a walking cane, you may be feeling a little apprehension. But, before you decide that a cane will cramp your style, know that if you use one you are in good company. What follows is a list of famous people who have used a walking stick.


No one can deny that Franklin D. Roosevelt had a powerful presence. Despite the crippling effects of polio, and the use of a wheelchair, whenever he made a public address, FDR could be seen standing tall with his walking cane. George Washington was said to have used a cane. In fact, he inherited one from Benjamin Franklin with a gold bust of the cap of liberty on the top.

Though he is not a former president, Winston Churchill should also be noted here as a cane using political figure.


Prince Albert and Queen Victoria both used walking canes. Queen Victoria was said to have a large collection of canes. King Henry VII of England carried the "Swiss-army-knife" of canes. His cane included tweezers, two compasses, a knife, file, and a ruler. Louis XIV always carried a cane. He actually had one with twenty-four diamonds attached. Let us not forget ancient rulers, King Tutankhamen had over 132 canes buried with him.

Religious Leaders

Though he was very athletic in his younger years, as he aged, Pope John Paul II used a cane due to health concerns. Although it fueled rumors about his health, Pope Benedict uses a cane and continues to travel throughout the world to perform his duties. Finally, we can not fail to mention the great, biblical prophet, Moses. His "staff" was given to him at the burning bush and later used to part the Red Sea.


Recently several youngish celebrities have been seen using a cane. The list includes Brad Pitt, Courtney Cox, Ed Westwick, Jennifer Aniston, Jewel, Halle Barry, and Rachel Bilson.

If you think walking with a cane might make you look old or feeble. Remember that ancient rulers, prophets, founding fathers, presidents, popes, and even celebrities have used walking sticks. Regardless of their reasons for using them; whether for health, fashion statements, or status symbols their canes did not define them. You are joining an elite club, so grab your walking cane and stand tall. To learn more about canes and how they can help you remain independent, talk to companies like Pro-Med Equipment & Supply.